The Health Hutt has long since updated the website or written any blog posts… and we are currently working to change that!  We are interested in developing more of a community-minded presence online.  A few of the things we are looking to do are:

  • update the website so that basic information regarding the Health Hutt stores is available and accessible
  • begin writing regular blog posts
  • improve our Facebook presence
  • and offer a monthly newsletter sign up for those who wish to get local natural living health updates.

Updates will be done on an on-going basis. We appreciate any patience this may require.

If you have any comments or suggestions on website content – what you would like to see on the website or blog – there is now a contact submission form on the website’s ‘Contact Us’ page.  We’ll do our best to hear everyone. Facebook is also a continual resource for staying connected.

Thank you for your interest in Natural, Healthful Living.