Bone Broth has become new branded name for an ancient tonic food. There’s history behind why we gravitate towards chicken soup when we’re sick – like the Jewish folk tradition of prescribing chicken soup for sickness. Why? Probably because it works for us and it is likely entwined into our lineage.

Ancestors were maybe boiling carcasses as a primal instinct and natural byproduct of the advent of fire. In Traditional Chinese Medicine bone broth and herbal stocks were used over 2500 years ago. For Vietnamese pho marrow rich bones are chosen. And then there’s noodle slurping Ramen! Broth making is a mythical tradition that spans across cultures and time.

Brain Cells and Deep Space

While people are often talking about digestion when referring to enzymes, and this connection is totally right, the world of enzymes extends beyond digestion too. An enzyme pioneer, Anthony J. Cichoke, DC, PhD famously coined enzymes as ‘Sparks of Life’. “Enzymes are all around us – in every animal and every plant. In fact, anything that is alive needs enzymes to function”. Enzymes cause biological reactions in the body – breathing, digestion, growth, reproduction, blood coagulation, healing, combatting disease. They are constantly regenerating, repairing and protecting us.

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Gotta get those greens, greens, greens! There exists a plethora of green foods products that are undoubtedly beneficial for one’s health. Among all the powders, tablets and food bars is just plain leafy greens. While Greens Products are absolutely wonderful, there truly is no replacement for eating plain ol’ greens! Additionally, they may not be as plain as we perceive them to be – the variety of edible greens is astounding.

Spring is a perfect time to explore new greens. It is a natural time for new greens to grow and to plant the more tolerant cold hardy varieties. Growing all around us are wild edible greens such as wild greens like dandelion, sorrel, violets, and cress. Wild greens often have stronger tastes whether earthy, bitter or sour and are often considered ‘dark, leafy’ greens like we regard Kale, Collards, Beet Greens and Chard. These wild and dark greens are more palatable for many people when harvested early as ‘baby or micro’ greens. Certain leafy garden vegetables like spinach, arugula, tatsoi and lettuces (romaine, butterhead) are also tolerant cold hardy greens. Overall, greens can be planted and eaten from early spring to late summer with later summer plantings edible and harvestable into late fall.


Word on the web is the number one thing mothers reportedly want for Mother’s Day is rest! They want a break, some sleep, some relief, and perhaps some pampering without added logistics or planning. We have a few ideas for gift items that could help to promote rejuvenation and relaxation. 

  1. Diffuser and essential oils.

  2. Dry Brush

  3. Natural Health and Beauty care products

  4. Salt Lamp

  5. Gift Certificate


As we know, the pet-word sustainability and the ‘green’ movement have both become trendy. When looking into companies and businesses, it’s important to find out exactly what they are doing even if they claim to be eco-friendly or natural. Have you ever encounter peanuts labeled ‘peanuts with sea salt’ to read the label and find MSG among the ingredients? It happens! There are some wolves hiding in sheep’s clothing on the shelves. As buyers we have to stay on our toes if we are looking to purchase products from companies that are not pretending to be eco-friendly and natural. After all the big idea behind buying eco-friendly, fair trade or otherwise ‘mindfully’ produced goods is to hopefully support practices that are better for farmers, communities, and the earth… in addition to making healthier decisions for oneself!

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Muskegon area doesn’t only host an Earth Day, it hosts an Earth Week. This year Earth Week is April 20-28. There are community volunteer cleanup events happening in Muskegon County including an Adopt-A-Highway Spring Cleanup on M-120 April 13, Muskegon Lake Spring Cleanup rescheduled for May 5 and a Trash Bash in Whitehall April 28. Other Earth Week events include a free book event at Embrace Books April 13th, Muskegon Area Sustainability Champion Awards held April 23rd a Five Lakes nature sanctuary walk April 25 and an Earth Fair Expo April 27. If you would like more details about any of these family friendly events please visit www.facebook.com/MuskegonAreaEarthWeek/events.


At the Health Hutt we carry a variety of the new CBD oil products being released. It is certainly a trend and for good reason. It has been found to promote decreased pain, enhanced sense of well-being, increased calm, improved sleep, and reduced stress. For a quick overview on what CBD is, check out our blog post What’s the Hype About CBD? If you are thinking about taking CBD for the first time, please read on!


You’ve likely seen the letters ‘CBD’ around or someone has told you about CBD. It seems a lot of people are trying to wrap their head around what CBD is all about and whether or not they would like to try it. The goal of this blog post is to give you a very quick overview in hopes to help you gain some understanding on what CBD is, what it does, and whether you would like to look into it further.

Firstly, CBD does come from Cannabis sativa. CBD stands for cannabidiol, just one of the many chemical components found in cannabis. However, CBD products come from hemp. “Only cannabis with less than 0.3% THC can be legally classified as hemp”.


Every New Years there is at least a teensy bit of pressure to set some resolutions to become a better you in the coming year. Sometimes we set goals that can put stress on us. It could be that in setting goals we might ask too much of ourselves, perhaps the goals don’t even make real sense, or aren’t realistically achievable given our current level of busy-ness. Some of us might not bother with the resolution thing at all.

Here’s an idea for a simple healthy habits New Years resolution. It’s something we do every day anyways. Drink better water. Now, bear with this blog post. We all know it’s important. How important though? In what ways can drinking better water effect our lives? How magical can our water drinking experiences be? Okay… getting a little carried away. But as you already know – we ARE water. Grandmother’s and the summer camp counselor’s solution to every problem is “drink water” for good reason.


What could be found in a stocking? Why not some organic, fair trade chocolate or a nutritious protein bar? It can be fun, quirky and rewarding to have healthy goodies in the stocking. It is an opportunity for natural lifestyle experimentation in the form of small gifts. Fruit leather anyone? Would you care to try Xylitol sweetened sugar-free gum? Brain Octane Rocket Fuel for Christmas? Maybe it won’t be their cup of tea or maybe the gift receiver will find that they love it!

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