Exciting NEW PRODUCT! Learn how it can help you.

The Health Hutt has got an exciting new product line called NaturaNectar. These products contain the most potent antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and antifungal properties in the world! NaturaNectar prides itself to have brought to the United States a truly precious product from the exotic beehives found only in Brazil!

  Bee Propolis? What’s that?

Bee Propolis is the natural defense of the beehive. Bees make propolis from sap of various plants. They know where to get the best varieties for maximum protection of their habitat, the beehive. Bees use propolis to seal every possible crack or opening in the beehive preventing threats to the health of their homes.

Did you know that the inner-hive is the most sterile natural environment found in our planet? That’s right! And bee propolis plays a major role acting as the hive protective shield. It is the immune system of the beehive and it can support yours!

Is propolis new?

No way! Millenia civilizations like the ancient Egyptians, Greeks, Romans-to mention a few-used propolis. That’s the mission of NaturaNectar- to spread the word on the benefits of propolis.

Why are NaturaNectar propolis products so special?

NaturaNectar’s Green Extraction, for example, uses no harsh chemicals with high yield of the essential natural compounds; eliminating impurities and beeswax for safer use. Also, the quality and standardization of extracts is extensive! It can take up to 10kg of raw propolis to produce only 1 kg of their exclusive and standardized extracts.

NaturaNectar uses only 100% premium Brazilian propolis (about 85% of world’s propolis is from China.)