Health Hutt Membership Card

As a Health Hutt Card Member you have access to member discounts. Members enjoy 5% off green sticker supplements and 20% off white sticker supplements every day. Each month, additional discounts on selected products will be published in Monthly Specials.

Monthly Specials change each month but consistently include:

  • 10% of two companies in grocery and/or beauty and body care
  • 10% off green sticker items and 25% off white sticker items from four selected supplement companies

Extra special sales are occasionally included.

Annual Health Hutt Card Membership is only $20!

Health Hutt Membership sign up is available in person at any of our stores. Upon sign-up you will receive a membership card and account number. If you are interested, please stop in and ask at the register about signing up! Card members can use their discounts at any Health Hutt location.

After one year, membership expires, and members are required to pay annual dues to continue receiving monthly specials and discounts. If you have a vitamin and supplement protocol or shop regularly at Health Hutt, you will benefit from becoming a card member. By shopping the specials you can pay off membership cost quickly.