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New Years ‘Get Healthy’ Pressure: Why not Water?

Every New Years there is at least a teensy bit of pressure to set some resolutions to become a better you in the coming year. Sometimes we set goals that can put stress on us. It could be that in setting goals we might ask too much of ourselves, perhaps the goals don’t even make real sense, or aren’t realistically achievable given our current level of busy-ness. Some of us might not bother with the resolution thing at all.

Here’s an idea for a simple healthy habits New Years resolution. It’s something we do every day anyways. Drink better water. Now, bear with this blog post. We all know it’s important. How important though? In what ways can drinking better water effect our lives? How magical can our water drinking experiences be? Okay… getting a little carried away. But as you already know – we ARE water. Grandmother’s and the summer camp counselor’s solution to every problem is “drink water” for good reason.

Maybe you could resolve to learn more about the water you’re drinking. Or you could resolve to improve the quality of your drinking water. Maybe even go the extra mile and add some pizazz to your water. Sometimes a simple resolution can turn into a big project, especially if it involves home maintenance. We urge you to be generous to yourself – if necessary make it a two or three year resolution. Here are some ideas that might help you drink better water:

Consider the Source

Where does your water come from? A drilled well, Municipality, a local artesian well? What is the quality of the water? How does your Municipality treat the water? How are your pipes doing?

Get cleaner water.

In-store water station. You can find Filtered and Reverse Osmosis (RO) refill stations at some local grocery stores. If you get a couple 5 gallon jugs for drinking water you can refill them every once in a while.

At home filtration. There are a lot of styles: filter pitcher, dispensers, faucet mounts, countertop, under the sink. Some are also RO systems. The faucet mounts are nice in-between because you don’t have to refill pitchers and they are more affordable. It is easy to switch between the filter and running the water normally so that you don’t exhaust your filter faster than necessary. Here’s a blog on various filters.

Check your plumbing and clean your pipes. Here is a guide on flushing your house’s plumbing. Many Plumbing businesses also provide services to flush out your pipes – particularly if you have a stubborn blockage. If your pipes are old you might consider replacing the pipes that affect your kitchen drinking water.

Find a local artesian well or spring. If you think wild water might be for you. Inquire with locals in your area or try If you’re incredibly ambitious maybe you can even tap your own spring.

Add extra umph! to the water you drink.

Trace Minerals. There are many who think drinking RO or distilled water all the time isn’t the best for you because they are devoid of any mineral content. Some research shows that purified water can actually pull minerals out of your body because it doesn’t contain minerals itself. Many prefer RO over distilled water because it could be that many harmful contaminants are not separated in the distillation process. Trace minerals are important for a healthy body and so we can add minerals back into our purified water. Trace Minerals Research makes some wonderful products to enhance your water.

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Simple solution: sea salt and lemon. Adding just a touch of good quality salt to your water along with some lemon can help you to rehydrate more effectively! Table salt is just sodium chloride and doesn’t have the minerals we’re looking for. Something like Redmond’s Real Salt, Himalayan Sea Salt, French Gray Sea Salt, or Celtic Sea Salt is a better choice. These salts still have trace minerals. The lemon contains calcium and potassium and is alkalizing. Overall drinking salt and lemon water can help maintain cellular functioning and balance your body’s pH.

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