Return Policy

If you are not satisfied with a product purchased at Health Hutt please return the unused portion with your itemized receipt within 30 days for a full refund. Returns may be made at the register of one of our store locations. For the easiest return possible, please bring your return to the store at which you made your purchase and your receipt. Please understand we do not accept returns on “special orders” (items not usually stocked) and reusable feminine hygiene products. Your refund will go back to the original form of payment used for the purchase.

The final decision on all refunds and store credit will be made by the store manager if necessary.

At the Health Hutt we make an effort to offer healthful products at the lowest price possible. We will always do our best to provide exceptional customer service ending with the customer feeling appreciated and fairly compensated. Our return policy is for the benefit of all our customers so we don’t have to raise prices to compensate for losses from returns such as:

  • Returns of expired products that were fresh when purchased but are at or past the expiration date because of not being used in a timely fashion. Exception includes Dairy and Eggs purchased at full price within three days of expiry.
  • Returns of deli items that are made as intended without contamination, bad preparation, or other defects.
  • Returns of product purchased at different stores.
  • Returns of items that have been shoplifted.

We care about our customers and we appreciate your support and understanding.


We accept SNAP EBT at all the Health Hutt locations.